Why does the Weighing Scale Lie on Phentermine?

Weight loss experts suggest weighing yourself every day as part of tracking your progress. It is frustrating when the weighing scale does not show the number you want. Why does this happen?

The weighing scale measures your weight in pounds or kilograms but, it does not show the following:

  • Fat percentage
  • Muscle mass
  • Health stability
  • Fitness status
  • Worth

It is essential to maintain a healthy weight and body to prevent diseases. Nonetheless, avoid depending on your result on what the weighing scale is sowing to you. Consider other measures aside from using scale. On using Phentermine, consider the following:

  • Stable energy levels
  • Overall vitality and wellness
  • Prevent sick days
  • Healthy meals
  • Minutes of exercising
  • Muscle tones and strength
  • Blood sugar and pressure
  • Healthy cholesterol levels

Phentermine and Weight Loss Progress

Weight loss is an overall trend and a daily measure of progress. Weight loss fluctuations are normal and, you can correct them through healthy habits. Phentermine allows you to lose up to 5% of your starting body mass. It changes your eating behavior to prevent plateaus and other issues.

Inform your doctor when your weight loss progress remains the same for a week or two. Consider changing your Phentermine dose when the typical amount is not working. Take your dosage as per prescription for maximum weight loss.

Understand that Weight Fluctuates

The weight loss results in changes from day today. Some days show faster weight loss and, in some cases, may result in a plateau. Weight fluctuates because of these reasons:

  1. Changes in Glycogen Stores. Glycogen is how our body stores quick energy. It is has a relative amount of water that fluctuates your weight due to the level of glycogen. Your body will pull glycogen to make up the fule that your body uses during exercise on a low-calorie intake. It produces a dramatic drop in water weight. 
  2. Your sodium intake. Too much sodium intake can attract water and causes retention. Avoid eating salty foods and processed products when you are taking Phentermine for weight loss. Establish your balance of drinking water and sodium to prevent water weights. It is normal to gain pounds when you eat salt but, ensure you stave them off to maximize your weight loss.
  3. Your Physical Activity. When you incorporate different workout activities all at once, it can affect your result on scale. When you shed sweat, your weight will drop. But, doing excessive activities will cause your body to hold weight. It causes weight loss fluctuations. Choose a low-intensity workout routine when you are on Phentermine.
  4. Hormonal Changes. It is typical in women during their menstruation. Water retention occurs in women before the period because of the hormonal changes in the body. Continue eating healthy foods with low-calorie content to prevent weight gain. The water retention will be gone when the period is over.
  5. Medications. Some medicine can hold water in your body that causes fluctuations. Inform your doctor if you are taking drugs for your blood sugar before using Phentermine. Most of the drugs can cause an increase in your weight. Allow your physician to assess you to prevent long-term weight gain.

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