Weight Loss but not Feeling Great on Phentermine

Weight loss and a healthy diet are beneficial in maintaining health. Phentermine is a medication that helps you in weight loss and managing your eating behavior. You can also incorporate an exercise routine to assist your weight loss.

As you go further on Phentermine, there are cases that your motivation fades. It is because you are not feeling great about what you go through. It is not typical to feel less than your best when you reach your weight loss goal. Cope up with the effects of Phentermine to avoid motivational loss. Some tips will help you bring back your fire on losing weight.

What are the Effects of Phentermine?

#1- Withdrawal Symptoms

Consider the effects of Phentermine on your brain and body. When you change your diet from addictive foods to healthier options is not easy. It can cause withdrawals and may give you a hard time adjusting. The typical symptoms during withdrawal are hunger, fatigue, and headache. Break unhealthy habits to reduce the withdrawal symptoms.

What will you do?

Avoid eating foods that contain fat, sugar, preservatives, flavor enhancer, and chemicals. Give up your unhealthy habits before you start a clean eating routine. Avoid eating ready-made foods that contain processed carbs and fats.

Nonetheless, breaking an unhealthy eating habit is hard when you live for it for several years. Your body will have an adverse reaction of wanting a specific taste and texture of foods. It leads to headaches, nausea, fatigue, and stomach growling. These side effects will be gone as soon your body fully adjusts to the diet.

If you are taking Phentermine, ensure that you are eating low-calorie foods with nutritional value. It will help you establish healthy eating habits and assist your weight loss. You can also combine them with vitamins as per prescription. Ensure that you are taking your dosage every day to ensure maximum results.

#2- Insomnia

Phentermine can trigger insomnia because it stimulates your nervous system. It leads to a feeling of tiredness but, you can control it. Insomnia can stimulate your unhealthy cravings during the day. It is because your brain is having a hard time relaxing. You are more likely to seek comfort from unhealthy foods.

What to do?

These symptoms will pass in several days when you begin your Phentermine. When the side effects persist for a week or two, inform your doctor to get more recommendations. The typical advice is to have the dosage of Phentermine in the morning. It increases your energy level and prevents hunger during the day and, prevents sleeplessness.

#3- Fatigue and Energy Loss

It is a typical result of insomnia. These are known as the paradoxical reactions of the body due to stimulation of the nervous system. It is better to take your dosage in the morning to avoid fatigue. The onset of the effects of Phentermine starts in 4 hours after taking the dosage. Phentermine will alleviate the symptoms of obesity, thyroid problems, and PCOS.

What to do?

Increase your intake of protein and fiber-rich foods to maintain your satiety. It helps in increasing your energy levels without adding calories to your diet. You can also exercise in the morning to kick start your metabolism. It also helps in preventing dry mouth, anxiety, and other effects of Phentermine.

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