The Weight Loss Stages in Phentermine

The typical concerns for anyone taking Phentermine are the flow of the weight loss process. There are frequent questions on the duration and side effects of the medication. The Phentermine diet has several stages in a three-month cycle. It also includes tips on how you will begin and stick to the prescription until you reach your goal.


It is the preparation period of your diet.  Ste your realistic goals and change your unhealthy habits. Find an exercise routine that you love and stay active. It will help you in coping with the transition when you begin taking Phentermine. The preparation period will help you stick to the diet track and establish a healthy lifestyle. Ensure that you are getting enough nutrients from the food you eat. You can also introduce multivitamins to ensure maximum weight loss.

What are the Weight Loss Stages in Phentermine?

Stage #1- Side Effects

The first few days of taking Phentermine have linked side effects. It is a typical response of the body which means that the medication is working. The side effects include:

  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Constipation
  • Mood swings
  • Dry mouth

Stage 1 is when you are starting to lose weight even if you are not feeling good. The side effects can last for a day or two but, they do not come all at once. You can manage them by taking a rest and drinking an adequate amount of water. Nonetheless, the typical side effect that comes to almost every dieter is dry mouth. You can have a Phen drink to manage nausea and constipation.

Stage #2- Initial Loses

You can start to feel appetite suppression during the first week of taking Phentermine. It increase your energy levels help you manage your eating behavior. During this stage, you should follow a routine that works in combination with your diet. Avoid starving yourself to maintain a healthy relationship with foods.

Stage #3- Consolidation

Your body can lose up to two pounds per week. But, these are not sustainable for the long-term that means your weight loss rates will also reduce. During the consolidation stage, ensure that you are losing weight and maintain your muscle mass. It also reflects the result of your daily routine on Phentermine.

Stage #4- Decreased Effects

At this stage, you can experience a weight loss plateau or struggle to lose anything. If you are building muscle by doing exercises, then the scale may be hiding the truth. Your body is toning up your muscle mass and, there is no necessary attention for fat burning. If you reach a plateau, increase your exercise routine and eat healthy foods.  It will help in activating your metabolism for fat-burning. You can also combine Phentermine with Phen-caps, multivitamins, and  5-HTP. Inform your doctor if you are planning to add some Phentermine combinations.


Phentermine is permissible for 12 weeks at a time to helps with obesity. Avoid taking them for long-term use because it can develop an addiction. After the process, ensure that you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Incorporate a healthy diet and exercise to ensure maximum weight loss. If you are planning for another round, wait for a month or two and inform your doctor.

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