Signs That Phentermine Is Right For You

Phentermine is a solution that will help you lose weight. It is a medication that staves off the unwanted fats that diet pills cannot reach. Phentermine is a leading weight loss prescription in the US. But, how will you know if Phentermine is for you?

Phentermine is not a miracle pill that will melt your fats in a snap. It works by suppressing your appetite to help you establish new eating habits. Phentermine can also increase your energy levels to fuel up your body when you exercise. It releases neurotransmitters that are responsible for suppressing hunger.

Is Phentermine Right For You?

If you think you could benefit from the medication, you can get support from your diet doctor. Let your doctor decide on the limitations of the weight loss medication. Your physician will prescribe you with Phentermine if  you have the following:

  1. Obese BMI score. Phentermine prescription is only for obese individuals. If your body mass index calculation with height is over 30, you are already obese. Your doctor will also measure your waistline to determine the related health problems. When you lose weight through Phentermine, you are also reducing your risk of various weight-related diseases.
  2. Inactive Lifestyle. Phentermine has several health benefits but, it also has side effects. An inactive lifestyle can cause weight gain or obesity. When you take Phentermine, ensure to incorporate some low-intensity activities to ensure weight loss. The long-term success you can get on Phentermine is an energy boost and appetite suppression. It can help you achieve your goal in combination with exercise.
  3. You cannot control your appetite. Your doctor will prescribe Phentermine to stop your weight gain due to your unhealthy eating habits. It helps in correcting your eating habits to ensure that low-calorie intake during the diet is bearable. Phentermine can suppress your appetite and curbs your hunger.
  4. Fulfill health requirements. In some cases, your doctor will not give you Phentermine due to other health issues. Your doctor will only prescribe Phentermine if you meet the health requirements for the medication. It is permissible when you are 18 years old and above with no history of drug abuse. You cannot use Phentermine if you are pregnant, planning to be pregnant, and lactating. Inform your doctor if you have hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes.

If the Phentermine suits your condition, ensure to follow the instructions and recommendations from your doctor. Take your Phentermine dosage as per prescription to maximize the efficacy of the medicine. You can also consider some Phentermine combinations to alleviate the side effects.

What Results Can You Expect With Phentermine?

You can expect changes in your weight, eating behavior, habits, and lifestyle. Your body also sheds water weight due to your unhealthy habits before you start the treatment. You can lose one to two pounds per week when you combine it with a healthy diet and exercise. The progress during the 12-week cycle may vary due to individual differences. It also has downsides as it is only permissible for short-term use to avoid addiction.

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