Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight On Phentermine

Phentermine is an effective weight loss medication. Most dieters experience weight loss success, but some are wondering why they are not losing weight. If you are one of them, you should assess your habits. Phentermine can suppress your appetite and control your eating habits. Nonetheless, it is not a miracle pill that causes weight loss in a snap.

Put your commitment and energy when you are using Phentermine. You can enjoy its appetite suppressing and energy-boosting effects. Assess your habits when it seems that things are going wrong. If you are not losing weight on Phentermine, something is holding it back. It can be your lifestyle when you lack some discipline.

Why Are You Not Losing Weight On Phentermine?

  1. You eat lots of food. When you at too much, you are more likely to deposit fats all over your body. It can cause weight gain or stall when you are on Phentermine. Count your calories regardless if Phentermine starts to suppress your appetite. Get a proper portion of healthy foods from different food groups. Avoid underestimating or doing it too much to avoid nutritional deficiency.
  2. You are eating less. If too much food can cause weight loss, a ver-low calorie intake is also dangerous. Phentermine works by suppressing your appetite but, it does not bring you to the point of eating nothing. You cannot reach your weight loss goal when you eat less. When you are using Phentermine, you need a proper amount of calories per day. Get your calorie from healthy treats to manage your appetite.
  3. Lack of sleep. If you want to establish a healthy eating routine, you need to get proper sleep. Why? It is because sleeping plays a role in managing your appetite and boosting your metabolism. If you lack sleep, you are more likely to experience cravings and stress during the day. It causes you to settle on unhealthy foods to alleviate stress. Get at least eight hours of sleep every day to increase your weight loss on Phentermine.
  4. You have an existing health problem. Visit your doctor before you start taking Phentermine. It will help you determine some diseases that need medical attention. The typical health issues that affect your weight are PCOS, diabetes, anemia, and hypothyroidism. Inform your doctor if you have these issues to get some recommendations and medication.
  5. Nutritional deficiency. Vitamin deficiency can cause sluggish performance and can make your weight loss difficult. You can take some vitamins and OTC products to get the proper nutrients you need for weight loss. Increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. Most of the food choices on Phentermine helps in boosting your weight loss.
  6. You have stress. It is an underlying reason for weight gain. Address your stress through coping activities when you are taking Phentermine. You can also incorporate some low-intensity exercise to maintain your motivation and boost your mood. Avoid empty calories from soda and processed products. Ensure that you are drinking an adequate amount of water per day to improve the effect of Phentermine.

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