Lunch Recipes On Phentermine

Lunchtime is often a tricky meal when you are trying to lose weight. One reason for this is when you are not at home during lunchtime because you have work. You cannot prepare healthy meals in your office that causes you to resort to foods in the cafeteria and restaurants. But, when you are on Phentermine, you cannot eat whatever your want. Establish healthy eating discipline to reach your weight loss goal.

How To Avoid Buying Lunch Meal on Restaurants?

Pack your lunch at home when you prepare your breakfast meal. It will help you save some money and avoid the calorie-loaded treats in restaurants. Your progress on Phentermine relies on your ability to develop healthy eating habits. Plan your meals and ensure you prepare a filling lunch when you go to work. You can have some salad and fruits for lunch.

Here are Recipes you can Make for your Lunch Meal on Phentermine:

  1. Spicy Asian salad. It has unique flavors that are full of nutrients and vitamins from your favorite vegetables. Add shredded carrots, salad leaves, sesame leaves, chopped chicken, one sliced jalapeno, lime, and soy sauce. You can also drizzle it with some stevia and a dash of sriracha.
  2. Tuna melt. It contains healthy fats, fiber, and protein that increases your satiety during lunchtime. Toast two slices of whole-grain bread and put some thinly sliced tuna. You can also add some cottage cheese for an extra boost of protein. Sprinkle some pepper and homemade tomato salsa.
  3. Cook some lentil and egg salad. It is a protein-loaded meal that can hold your appetite until dinner. Toss a ½ cup of cooked lentils, ½ cup of your favorite salad, and some slices of avocado. Add some tomato and chopped boiled eggs. You can prepare it during your breakfast and ensure you are maintaining proper food portions. You can also add some low-fat cheese.
  4. Prepare some goat cheese, tomato, and sultana salad. This recipe is a combination of flavors and textures that satisfy your taste buds. Get a bag of salad leaves with some chopped tomatoes. You can also add a handful of sunflower seeds, sultanas, and goat cheese. Put some vinegar and olive oil to create an interesting texture and flavor. You can also use other non-fat cheese when goat cheese is not accessible.
  5. Garbanzo mix. It has loads of fiber from garbanzo beans. Add some chopped onions, tomato, and garlic into the scrambled egg. Drain and combine the garbanzo with the scrambled egg and allow to cook.
  6. Hummus vegetable wrap. It is a portable meal for lunch. You can also leave something for dinner. Get a whole grain tortilla wrap, two tablespoons of roasted pepper hummus, shredded carrots, spinach, soybeans, and avocado. Sprinkle some lemon juice and wrap them. You can cut them into pieces for proper portioning.
  7. Mini frittatas.  It is a boost of protein to hold your appetite until dinner. Whisk three eggs and put some salt and pepper to taste. Add a thin-sliced leek and sauté the eggs until brown. You can also add a cup of spinach and spread them in the frittata. You can also sprinkle with some mozzarella and cook for ten minutes on low heat.

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