How to Manage Your Cravings While Taking Phentermine

How to Manage Your Cravings While Taking Phentermine?

One challenging thing to control on losing weight is the occurrences of cravings. It is when you want a specific taste of food. When you crave, the signals do not come from your stomach. The origin of hunger signals during cravings is your emotions due to stress, boredom, and unhealthy habits. It is typical during mid-afternoon or when you have emotional tension.

Phentermine will help in suppressing your appetite and prevents the occurrence of cravings. It aids you in dealing with your unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle. Opt for healthy choices when you feel the need to reach a bag of chips or dig in on ice cream. Be careful with your mood, stress, and fatigue because they are the typical triggers of cravings.

The Four types of hunger:

  1. Physical. It links to your stomach that often leads to dizziness, nausea, and pangs. Ensure you eat healthy foods when you are starving to suppress your appetite. Avoid eating to the point that you will get stomach discomfort.
  2. Emotional. It relates to your heart feelings. It occurs when you are stress, tired, sleepless, or you are in dull moments. Distract yourself and avoid paying attention to this type of hunger. It will lead you to overeat. Walk, play with your pet, read a book, or stroll around to prevent eating.
  3. Mental. It is when you are rationalizing why you should eat something. Avoid wasting your effort in a bowl of ice cream and a chocolate bar. You can eat delicious treats but ensure they are healthy. Avoid your typical food indulgences to boost the mechanism of Phentermine.
  4. Habit. It links to your experiences in the past. It associates time and circumstances. An example is when you visit your favorite place and dig in a bowl of ice cream. To avoid eating, go for a walk or eat a piece of fruit before going somewhere. Break an old habit by creating a healthy lifestyle using Phentermine.

How to Manage your cravings while using Phentermine?

  • Eat more protein. Increase your intake of protein to avoid cravings. Protein increases your satiety and prevents you from binge eating. It reduces sugar and boosts your metabolic rate for fat-burning.
  • Avoid your food indulgences. Clean your pantry from sugary and processed products. Avoid surrounding yourself with unhealthy foods to prevent temptations. When you eat chocolate to alleviate hunger, it can stimulate your appetite and increase fat deposition.
  • Chew your food slowly. Replace your unhealthy meals with low-calorie foods to ensure proper digestion. It also helps your brain to register fullness and prevent you from getting another set of foods.
  • Avoid eating sugar. It dulls your taste buds and spikes up your insulin levels. As a result, it stimulates your appetite and triggers your cravings. Opt for fruits and vegetables when you are taking Phentermine. You can also add herbs to boost the taste of your meal without stimulating your appetite.

Food cravings are pitfalls of your weight loss journey. It prevents you from reaching a maximum weight loss. Ensure that you are taking the Phentermine as per prescription to manage your eating behavior.

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