How Many Calories Are Allowable On Phentermine?

Limit your food intake by counting calories in every meal. It will help you in your weight loss plan on Phentermine. Your meal plan on Phentermine should stick to healthy food options. Get your calories from allowable food groups to ensure you are getting enough nutrients.

What are Calories?

It is the amount of energy you get from the food and drinks. When you eat, the calories provide fuel to your body to maintain functioning. You can use the calories in your daily activities, body functions, and exercise. The excessive intake of calories causes your body to increase fat deposition. When you are on Phentermine, ensure that you eat a proper amount of calories to avoid weight gain.

Is it Better to have a Very Low-Calorie Intake on Phentermine?

VLCD is not permissible on Phentermine regardless if the medication help in suppressing appetite. When you cut your calorie intake to its lowest possible rate, you are compromising your health. Food is fuel to your body and, when you cut them off, you are putting your health at risk.

On Phentermine, you can cut down your calorie intake on processed foods and replace them with healthy options. Avoid eating foods that contain fat, sugar, preservatives, additives, flavoring, and sodium. Avoid eating very low-calorie foods on Phentermine to avoid compromising your health.

How Many Calories Are Permissible on Phentermine?

To lose significant weight, you can eat at least 1200 or fewer than 1500 calories per day. Ensure that it contains protein, fiber, healthy carbs, and other nutrient-loaded foods. When you eat low calories, it causes muscle loss and leads to yo-yo dieting. When using Phentermine, your doctor will assess you and give you the calorie limitation on your diet. Allow your physician to calculate how many calories you can eat every day in combination with Phentermine. You can also get some online guides on how to set a calorie intake for weight loss.

Your calorie intake may seem low but, hunger is not a problem when you take Phentermine. It is because it suppresses your appetite to make low-calorie intake bearable. Phentermine also curbs hunger and increases your energy levels. It prevents fatigue and helps you establish healthy eating habits for maximum weight loss.

Not All Calories Are Equal

Not all foods have a similar amount of calories per serving. It s essential to count your calorie intake and avoid eating calorie-loaded foods all at once. Fresh foods are healthy but, they also have calories that affect your weight when you overload them. Choose healthier options every day and avoid processed products. Plan your meals to ensure you are getting enough nutrients for weight loss.

Can You Take Vitamins in Combination With Phentermine?

Vitamin intake depends on how many calories you get per day. You can take multivitamins to assist your body in getting enough nutrients you need for weight loss. Some diet doctors often prescribe Phentermine in combination with other medications. You can also buy some OTC products as long as it does not affect your progress. It helps in maximizing the effects of Phentermine and controls side effects.  

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