Foods To Avoid On Phentermine

There is nothing wrong when you become a fanatic of healthy foods. But, there are so-called healthy foods around the market that often mislead the consumers. Be careful with misleading products when you are taking Phentermine. If you are a fan of green juices and sugar-free-labeled products, be aware of this. Most of the so-called healthy foods cause you to put on weight.

Here are some foods that are not the healthiest option on Phentermine:

  1. Kale. It scores in high nutrition but, most of them contain loads of pesticides and growth chemicals. Ensure that you get the organic variety to prevent growth chemicals that can affect your health. Avoid eating raw kale because it can disrupt your thyroid function. When you are taking Phentermine, avoid eating kale that is grown with chemicals and herbicides. You can use spinach when organic kale is not accessible in your area.
  2. Agave. It belongs to a group of cactus plants that most people are using Agave as a substitute for table sugar. Agave can slow down your weight loss on Phentermine. It can stimulate your appetite for unhealthy foods and causes occurrences of cravings. The process of manufacturing Agave nectar is similar to sweeteners. It contributes a lot to weight gain and reduces your metabolism. Stick to fresh options than using Agave. You can eat seasonal fruits to reap fiber and other nutrients.
  3. Sushi. Pay attention to what you will incorporate into your homemade sushi. Keep your portion sizes low to avoid gaining excess calories. Sushis are unhealthy foods because it has white rice. It increases fat deposition in your body. Your body converts white rice into sugar and, it does not contain any nutritional benefits for weight loss. Sushi also has a few proteins and loads of additives.  Stick to clean options when you are using Phentermine. Opt for lean protein and healthy carbs to ensure maximum weight loss.
  4. Soups. Homemade soups are healthy as you are in control of the ingredients you add. But, avoid buying soups in restaurants and other food chains. It does not have nutritional levels and, you are unaware of the seasonings. Most of the soups in restaurants contain heavy creams, sodium, and additives that can affect the work of Phentermine. It also contains sugar and fatty meats that increase the weight deposition of your body. When you cook soups at home, avoid adding butter, oil, and other flavor enhancers. Stick to herbs, spices, fresh vegetables, and lean meats.
  5. Granola. Breakfast cereals are known for their health-boosting effects but, you are unaware of sugar. Avoid eating granola because most of them contain sugar and fats. But, you can make granola at home to ensure you are adding healthy ingredients. You can add some unsweetened yogurt for a protein boost.
  6. Soy milk. It is an on-the-go option for dairy but, it can counter the effects of Phentermine. Bottled soy milk contains sugar and fats that are unhealthy for those who have PCOS. If you have hormonal problems, avoid drinking soy milk because it can slow down your weight loss.

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