Best Phentermine Weight Loss Schedule

Goal setting and planning your diet are beneficial when you are trying to lose weight on Phentermine. A diet plan will help you get through each stage of Phentermine without slip-ups.  Ensure that you keep on top of everything while also making the most of your Phentermine prescription.

Regardless if you have tight schedules, make time for your Phentermine dosing to ensure maximum weight loss. There are better tips and suggestions that you can incorporate into your routine. It increases the effectiveness of Phentermine in boosting your weight-loss potential.

First Thing

Take your Phentermine ass soon as you wake up with a glass of water to increase your satiety and kick-start your metabolism. You can also incorporate a weight loss multivitamin to sustain the nutritional requirement of your body. It can give a weight loss boost and improve your mood.

You can also eat bananas and almonds as your snack to increase your metabolic rate. It will help in fat-burning and curbing hunger as soon as you wake up. You can also incorporate an exercise routine but keep it in low-intensity. It revitalizes your metabolism and staves off excess calories through sweating.

After exercising and showering, eat a healthy and low-calorie breakfast. Your breakfast should have 10grams of fiber and another 10 grams of protein. It fills your stomach and prevents cravings until your next meal. Load some healthy carbs but ensure to burn them off throughout the day to prevent fat deposition. Prepare your lunch first thing in the morning to avoid buying food in restaurants.


Drink a glass of water from time to time to maintain your hydration. Water is a weight loss booster and, it also curbs hunger. It also helps in controlling the side effects of Phentermine on the first day of taking your dosage. But, if you experience a persistent dry mouth, get a drink mix that is allowable on Phentermine.

Phentermine helps in suppressing your appetite and, you can boost its effect by loading fiber-rich foods. Avoid skipping your breakfast because prolonging hunger can cause overeating during lunch. Keep an up-to-date record of your daily progress and food choices in your journal.


Avoid going outside and buying foods in buffets and restaurants to prevent weight gain. You can also take Phentermine during lunch to have an energy boost. It increases your metabolic rate and suppresses your appetite to avoid mid-afternoon cravings. You can also take some weight loss supplements that will support your progress on Phentermine.


You can grab a healthy snack during mid-afternoon to curb hunger. You can eat whole fruit, a bowl of vegetables, or make a smoothie. It helps in managing your eating behavior and controlling your calorie intake. You can also drink a cup of tea to boost your metabolism and alleviate stress.


Prepare a low-calorie dinner that contains vegetables, protein, carb, and fruit. Be mindful of your portion sizes to avoid loading too many calories. You can drink a cup of tea to relax your brain before bedtime.

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