Avoid Adding 100 Calories On Phentermine

What Are Calories?

Calories are units of energy found in a variety of sources. It consists of fats, proteins, carbs, and sugar that help people to live. The organs in the body require fuel to continue functioning. It pulls the energy from the foods you eat through digestion and metabolism. When you eat loads of calories, your body is more likely to deposit the excess calories in your fat stores. It happens when you load too much food in a combination of a poor lifestyle.

When you use Phentermine for weight loss, there are days that you need to count your calorie intake. If Phentermine seems not to work, you have to assess your habits. Ensure you know which calorie you should free up to avoid depriving yourself. Avoid eating your typical food indulgences. Cut down at least 100 calories per day without depriving yourself.

Tips on Cutting Down 100 Calories From Your Food Choices

  1. Eat a slice of sandwich. Instead of having two or more bread for breakfast, reduce your intake to one. Sandwiches are filling and, you will not notice any hunger when you cut them off. Put some tuna for a healthier spin.
  2. Choose mozzarella cheese. Mozzarella is a low-calorie and low-fat than swiss and parmesan cheese. It also contains protein that can increase your satiety. It will help you save up to 100 calories.
  3. Avoid drinking juice. Avoid drinking bottled orange juice in the morning to cut down 100 calories on your daily meal. Hit the fat-burning fiber from fresh fruits and vegetables instead of chugging onto processed products. Skip the juice to avoid occurrences of hunger.
  4. Swap the chips. Choose a cup of vegetable crudites than digging into a bag of chips. Save 100 calories by eating nutrient-dense vegetables than salty chips.
  5. Avoid eating dried fruits. Fruits are healthy when you eat them fresh. Avoid dried fruits because they contain added sugar and preservatives. The drying process reduces the nutritional value and increases the calorie content.
  6. Pick pistachios. Most protein bars contain added sugar and carbs that can affect your progress. Instead of buying protein bars, you can have pistachios. It has low in calories and contains 2 grams of protein. Pistachios are also a better option for a snack.
  7. Reduce the salad. Grate some carrots for your salad toppings. Avoid adding loads of unhealthy condiments and dressings to save some calories. Keep your salad choices as fresh and organic as possible.
  8. Remove the skin or go meat-free.  When you cook chicken, remove the skin and fats. A 20 gram of chicken skin contains 100 calories. Ensure to remove them before cooking. You can also substitute meat with plant-based options. Seek online information for additional vegetarian meal ideas.
  9. Avoid creamy soups. Prepare homemade soups instead of buying from restaurants. It will help you manage your calorie intake. Soups from restaurants contain sodium, flavorings, and heavy creams that can stimulate your appetite.

Cut down your calorie intake to boost your weight loss on Phentermine. Ensure you manage your food choices to prevent deprivation. Opt for food swaps that are nutrient-dense and filling.

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